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Please contact the office to set an appointment

Day Treatment –

Specific programing available to assist youth who struggle at home, school and within the community. 


Hours: 9-3:30 Monday-Friday


Transportation is available for additional cost


Afterschool Treatment -

Available to any youth ages 8-18 who cannot be left unsupervised at home due to safety.


Hours are from 4:00-7:30 Daily

Medication Evaluations and Management - Appointments are available in the afternoons and evenings


Supervised Adolescent Respite and Child Care-

Your youth will be provided with daily activities focused on reducing unhealthy and unsafe behaviors.


Intensive Outpatient Services – Providing therapeutic services and behavior management - including behavior coaching, parent support, education assistance and therapeutic support to your youth and your family


Standard Outpatient and Behavior Modification - Our staff can schedule services around the needs of your family.



Specific Programs geared toward youth and families:

  • Family and child education groups.

  • In Home Services

  • Transportation

  • Drug testing and medication compliance testing

  • Free 24/7 support 

  • DBT Skills Groups

  • Alternative education services

  • Afternoon Supervision/Respite 

  • Specific ADD and ADHD tutoring and skills development

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessment with representation at court.










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