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Category:Italian animated films Category:1988 films Category:1980s comedy films Category:Italian films Category:Italian comedy films Category:Japanese-language films Category:Studio Ghibli animated films Category:Japanese films Category:Italian-language films Category:Swedish-language films Category:Japanese-language Netflix original filmsThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology has issued an official warning to all students in light of the recent wave of sexual assault and harassment allegations against students on campus. The warning, first reported by the Boston Globe, was issued on Wednesday, April 3. It states that students should “observe caution and safety” when engaging with MIT employees, students and faculty. “We are working closely with MIT employees and students to assure the safety of all MIT communities, and in keeping with this commitment, all of us have received information about the recent wave of serious allegations against MIT students,” the warning reads. “We urge you to observe caution and safety in all areas of the Institute.” The college has attempted to remain silent regarding the allegations in recent weeks in the wake of many prominent MIT alumni such as Richard Stiennon, Paul Perullo, Christopher Castaneda and Massaad Ayoob releasing videos calling on the institution to take action. The official statement, however, seems to shed light on what the institute has been trying to avoid as some students have attempted to bring attention to the situation. In the statement, MIT also notes that student government officials have been in touch with the university “on a variety of issues related to sexual assault on campus.” It continues: “We appreciate that students have important concerns and would like to ensure that the campus community is kept informed of these issues.” An additional email from MIT President Rafael Reif to students on Wednesday was leaked and obtained by The Hardball Times and details the “serious nature” of the allegations that have been brought against students, some of whom have been accused of rape. “When there is a credible allegation of sexual misconduct, it is incumbent on the University to investigate,” Reif said in the email, which was obtained by the Globe and reported on Friday. “Our investigation process is thorough and impartial, but it is only as complete as the information we are able to gather.” MIT has not received any complaints regarding its procedures for




Porco Rosso Eng Sub phianna

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